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Elph  25 June 2019 

Feature Highlights

The features of a website with High Voltage Gaming are too many list. Just the features of WordPress alone would take numerous pages to describe. Add to that the many premium plugins and themes we add to your website for you to use, and it becomes just impossible to list all of the features.
We have tried to highlight some of the features though, to give you an idea of the scope of the features and the value of having a website with High Voltage Gaming.

A Complete Social Network

Social Wall

Social stream lets you share posts, images, videos and more.


Create and manage public and private groups. Set admins and moderators.


Ability to add, accept and remove friends.


Send and receive public or private messages with other users.

User Profiles

Customizable user profiles. Profile widgets. Styles and colors.

Like & Follow

Like or unlike posts. Follow and unfollow users, groups and friends.


Get notified on likes, comments, group invites and more.

Emoticons & Smileys

A big list of emoticons to brighten up wall posts, comments and messages.


@mention friends and other users in posts, comments, and groups.

Ratings & Reviews

Give users the ability to rate posts and leave reviews.

Members Directory

Add images to your posts and create beautiful image galleries.

Groups Directory

Automatically submit your posts to your social media accounts.


User Groups

Create and manage public and private groups. Assign Admins and Moderators

Fully Integrated

Forums are fully integrated with the WordPress dashboard.

Spam Protection

Automated spam protection keeping your forums safe and clean.

Sticky Posts

Pin important or timely posts to the top of forums.

Email Notifications

Follow topics and receive email notifications of replies and updates.

Sub Forums

Create nested forums for better organization.

Calendars & Events


Supports single and multi-day events and recurring events.

Location Maps

Use google maps to display event locations and directions.


Add images to your event to create a vivid gallery.

Event Colors

Colorize events individually or by type to make them stand out.

Social Share

Follow topics and receive email notifications of replies and updates.


Create nested forums for better organization.

Customizable Forms

Form Builder

Quickly build and design your WordPress forms using the intuitive drag and drop form builder.

Form Fields

30+ ready to use form fields. Pick and choose which fields you want to use using the easy to use form editor.

Conditional Logic

Configure your form to show or hide fields, sections, pages or even the submit button based on user selections.

File Uploads

Files are saved to your WordPress dashboard.

Email Notifications

Create customized email notifications to get information to those who need it.

Form Templates

Use form templates to get started quickly and then customize to fit your needs.
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