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Elph  23 June 2019 

Our focus at High Voltage Gaming is on guilds, clans, teams and eSports and MMO's. When building our games section, we decided that it should also reflect that focus. So, our games section is a curated list of games that are current eSports and games that promote guild play. Additionally the game must be current and receiving fresh updates.

We do not discriminate against mobile or console games. We include games on PC, XBOX, PlayStation, Switch, Mac, Android and IOS.

Currently on each game page you can find links to the related Twitter page, Reddit page, Twitch page and Official Website. As well as the games release date, developer, publisher, platform, and genre. Plus a synopsis and biographical information about the game.

Commenting is not allowed on the game pages. We have made this decision in order to avoid turning the pages into troll feeding areas. Both the hype and bash varieties of trolls are undesirable.

Game Pages of the Future

We do plan on adding even more features to the game pages. Some ideas we are already working on is listing each eSport team that plays that game. We're also working on listing all High Voltage Gaming guilds that play that game. We have even more ideas for content on the game pages, but we're not ready to share those just yet.

If you have any ideas of info you'd like added to a games page, please email us with your suggestion and we'll add it to our list for consideration. If we implement your idea, you'll get a free month of hosting and your name immortalized on our contributors page.

If there is a game that your team, guild or clan plays that is not currently included in our games section, please fill out our submit a game form and we will consider including it.

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