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Elph  16 June 2019 

With an Android Emulator you can install and play your favorite Android games on your Windows device. An emulator is software that simulates the Android OS on PC. It provides a native user experience of Android OS, allowing you to install, use and uninstall any Android application, just like a physical Android device does. You can install games directly from the Google Play store or install the apk's you've downloaded.

We Recommend the MEmu Android Emulator

High Voltage Gaming recommends the MEmu Android emulator. Microvirt released MEmu in 2015 and has steadily released updates with new features and bug fixes. According to Microvirt, MEmu currently has more than 20 million users in over 200 countries and 20 languages, and it’s still growing rapidly.

We tested on a high end gaming desktop and on a low end notebook. MEmu was the only emulator, we tested, able to function on the low spec notebook.

MEMU 6 Play Android Games on PC

Why MEmu?

Some Serious Pro Geek Features

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