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Elph  19 February 2019 

In our recommendations you may not see the benchmark tests and comparison scales that you see on so many other sites. Because quite frankly they don’t mean much for your particular system and usage. If you want those kinds of statistics we recommend you install the benchmark apps and run the tests directly on your system. http://www.antutu.com/en/ https://www.3dmark.com/

If we wouldn’t use it ourselves, we don’t recommend it to you.


What we provide you is recommendations based on our own real world usage. And we don’t mean a few hours of usage. We test extensively, for several months, sometimes longer. For the majority of things we recommend, we actually use the hardware, software, app or service we are recommending on a daily basis. So we have first hand experience with all the features, performance and nuances of what we recommend.

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